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Very fun and well made!

My only problem with it was that it was very hard to play the later levels or rack up many slashes when using the mousepad on a laptop :) The levels were well designed, and the unlockable medals have just the right amount of difficulty to make them a challenge.


GameBalance responds:

we designed this only for mouse.. hope u will play with mouse

Better than the first...

I can't seem to get past the 4th fire jump by pushing up though. So I cried.


Fro responds:

Sorry about that. It's actually the left key you must push. Please come back and try again. :(


This game is super fun to play. The graphics are simple and smooth and the gameplay is very unique. It would be better if there were more complex obstacles to overcome.


Simple but fun

This game is really simple, but very exciting. The enemies start spawning too quickly to handle after a while though.


This is perfect in every way

It's hilarious, and actually pretty fun to play. Thank you ToonPimp!


I enjoyed playing the first Pandemic more...

The point system is fast at first, then gets really slow once the whole world is infected. You don't seem to build points when people are dying....just infections. I don't like the fact that you need to leave it going for 20 minutes on its own just to get an end result. The lethality and visibility bars are pretty much useless and don't reflect anything from what I've seen.



Those little buggers come at you so fast. I never knew that stringrays can shoot their spines out of their mouth too. That adds a whole new element of wtf. What's with all of the pansies reviewing this? Wacky controversial stuff like this is what Newgrounds made it's name on.



altr responds:

No idea what's up with all these people dude. Good to see sane people reviewing. =)

Fun Stuff

You get a +fav my friend! My roommate thinks I'm such a loser for learning the mario theme lol!



I love Snake and its simplicity, but the controls in this one are very unresponsive. Maybe the framerate is set too high?


Kytempa responds:

I have no clue! I will try to fix it!


My first suggestion would be to stop submitting beta views. Work out everything you need to do, have some friends test it, improve anything that needs work, and then submit the final finished product. Otherwise, I can see that a lot of people will become tired of playing this game. It has a lot of potential.


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